Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dick (next to me) and Jere, (above) are HS Classmates who visited us with their wives on The Rose when we docked in Bristol. It has been 48 years since we graduated but you can tell from the facial expressions that nothing has changed! It is 1961 all over again!

We have always had the 3 oldest grandchildren sleep as a group on The Rose. This year because they are older, we decided to also have them on board one at a time. Sofia volunteered to be the 1st and this is the morning routine. Would you like to guess what Grandma and Sofia are watching so intently on TV? Yes, you're right...cartoons!

The past 2 weeks have been full of activities, including Father's Day, Evelyn's dance recital and a trip to my home town, historic Bristol, RI. The picture above was taken from stern of The Rose looking at Bristol's waterfront. Kenny, a friend and high school classmate, (Class Valedictorian) made the contact that enabled us to have the slip for 2 nights.

Father's Day we all met at the house in Greenville for brunch. Connie was the cook, (see above) and the rest of us pitched in with setting the table and picking up afterward. The grandchildren are getting older and it's enjoyable watching them interact. That's "Grandma" serving the crew.

The Rose had a list of items that needed attention, and Drew our mechanic went to work. He unclogged and relocated the waste macerator. It was inaccessible where it was and the hoses were "tortured" leading to it. He also removed the bow thruster motor which had been failing and sent it out to be rebuilt. The good news? I thought that job was going to require a haul-out. Nope!

The Bilge Buster, (produces ozone to eliminate odor) had long since quit working and was too old to be repaired. But I contacted the manufacturer here in Warwick, RI and he sold us a new one.....at a 20% discount.

In the interim our dinghy seat and back have been rebuilt by The Canvas Lady, (really, that's the name of the business) using Starboard a very durable marine sheet, (board) product to replace the original plywood backing. The foam cushion was also deteriorating badly from water, so that was replaced at the same time. We're having covers made for the dinghy console and seat to protect them from the weather.

We attended our granddaughter's 1st dance recital. Here's a picture of Evelyn in costume.

The Gamma Knife procedure that will eliminate the AVM is scheduled for Friday, 7/10. It is a day-long process with an inpatient stay of one night afterward. He, (Dr.) is confident that he will eliminate the item that caused the aneurysm and that there should be no limitations afterward. I am grateful that level of expertise is available locally, (RI Hospital) and only requires a stay of one night.

Paul & Connie
m/v The Rose, GH37
Bristol, RI



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