Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Connie checking in with family.
Heading North

April 14, 2009
We are once again, (10th trip on the ICW) underway from Telemar Bay Marina in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. Our destination is Brewer Greenwich Bay North in Warwick, RI. We have made a concession to my altered status and for this part of the trip Bill Evans, (Robin, “Blue Magic”) will ride along to assist with the helm duties, etc. It’s not that I’m unable, but as the “Admiral” discreetly explained, he’s along “just in case” there is a relapse of the aneurism.

The first night underway, (Monday 4/13) we anchored just north of a bridge in Daytona. We knew there was a storm coming through, especially since Weather Mate was displaying vivid shades of orange and red. I dropped 100’ of chain and the snubber as Connie prepared dinner for us. Sure enough, after we had fallen asleep we were greeted with Nature’s fury. Winds gusting to over 30 kts along with lightening and rain made for an unsettled night to say the least. Surprisingly, the sounds of the nylon snubber lines working off the bowsprit are reassuring and help to put me to sleep. At some point during the night, I awakened in response to Connie calling me from the pilothouse. The anchor had dragged and re-set after the wind shifted direction 180 degrees. There were a few other boats in the area and from all appearances, the skippers were up during the night checking lines, etc. The three of us on The Rose were anxiously watching from the pilothouse for what seemed like hours, (more like 45”?) until the storm quieted enough to allow us to climb back into bed.

Tuesday we were scheduled for an early, (11 a.m.) arrival at Palm Coast Marina where we’ll relax for a day and get some shore time. We are slowly but surely regaining our cruising rhythm with early bedtimes and departures. Palm Coast is a friendly and familiar stop. The storm is still in the area, so we dock in a steady-drenching rain and tie up to the long side-to dock. We are greeted by name and The Rose with her dimensionsional requirements are well known to the staff. Since we arrived at 10:30, after showers we treat ourselves to a relaxed day reading and tending to other nonessential tasks. We had breakfast and lunch aboard but for dinner we walked to the adjacent European Village where we expected to dine at Bella Sera. They were closed for a private function so we ended up at Barbara Jean’s a well known Southern chain. This is, (as you would expect) a place for down home cooking and I had pot roast with baked potato. I likely exceeded my Weight Watchers points with that meal!

Shortly before our departure from Telemar Bay, Connie prepared a Palm Sunday dinner for eight and it was a great time. Guests included former RI neighbors who now live nearby along with neighbors and fellow owners from South Shores. We elected to pass on the flight to Rhode Island for Easter because we were concerned about the possibility of clotting. We missed being with our family and friends, but for the first time we were able to attend the sunrise Easter Mass celebrated by Father Nolan on the shore overlooking ocean. What a spectacular setting for a special day!
Your emails and calls are greatly appreciated especially as we make our way north to our summer berth in Rhode Island.

Robin Evans who graciously volunteered husband Bill to cruise with us and delivered him as well!

Bill Evans with his hi-tech eyeglass holders. He interned with Peter Ross, (fellow cruiser) and this custom retainer is all he learned........

Paul & Connie
M/V The Rose, GH37
Fernandina Beach, FL


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