Friday, May 08, 2009

This picture speaks for itself!

Monday, 5/4/09
We had departed Ocean Marine Yacht Center, (Portsmouth, VA) and pulled into Norview Marina in Deltaville on Sunday, 5/3 and expected to stay a few nights. The weather conditions on the Chesapeake were unsettled and we need to have our starboard fuel tank “polished”, a task we hoped to have accomplished while in Deltaville. Joe from Kleen Fuel arrived as promised this morning, except that after looking he decided he wasn’t qualified to remove the access plate from the top of the fuel tank and then spent 20” relating how he could do different boats, setups, etc. I quickly terminated that frustrating conversation! Once he left, Connie and I decided to head out immediately for either Reedville or Solomons. The Chesapeake was bumpy and uncomfortable. We tolerated the conditions and made way for Reedville, which is protected and just short, (south) of the entrance of the Potomac River into the Bay. That entrance is an area where whatever is taking place weather-wise on the Chesapeake is magnified by the extended fetch.

Reedville turned out to be a wise decision, because right after we were secure the rain and thunder broke loose. Docking was difficult since the marina was closed and there was no one to grab lines. After several attempts with the wind challenging my maneuvering skills, a nearby pedestrian responded to our air horn and walked over to lend a hand. We were finally secure with power at about 1:20pm. The rain and thunder have continued through the afternoon. Main Street ends right at the waterfront, but the weather may delay sightseeing. Time for my book and a cup of hot soup!

The weather backed off for a while at Reedville, so we took off for a walk. We met another boater couple while walking and they came aboard for a glass of wine and conversation. Would you believe that he lived next door to Mike & Patricia Hill, who are the previous owners of The Rose? Sailors, but pleasant folks!

Small world this boating community!

On Tuesday, 5/5 we travelled up the Bay and across the mouth of the Potomac early in the morning before the weather kicked up. Then we made way into the Solomons where Zahniser’s Boat Yard is located. They have the ability and willingness to remove the access plates so I can get the tank, (s) cleaned properly. This place charges a bit more for dockage than Calvert’s across the river but it is service with a smile here!
We arrived at Zahniser’s at 12:45. We were assigned to a “side to” vs. a slip with the understanding that we’d move closer to shore when the fuel polishing is scheduled. I called Steve of Mr. Clean early this morning to make arrangements. He wants to remove the fuel from the tank, then clean the tank followed by a filtered refill. That’s what I had hoped would take place since I believe the tank has “gunk” that will not be picked up and cleaned by traditional methods. Zahniser’s’s will remove and reinstall the access plate so the proof will be tomorrow am when Steve arrives.

Wednesday was a busy day, between the fuel polishing and mechanical work. The local mechanic spotted dirty Racors onboard. I had the four secondary filters cleaned at Ocean Marine, but not the two primary filters. Meanwhile Steve ran about 250 gallons of fuel through a clean 3-micron filter and refueled a few gallons under pressure to see what he could stir up in the tanks. The fuel looked good and there was little buildup in the filter so we loaded up the newly filtered diesel. Paul the Zahniser mechanic returned with my Racors as good as new and we ran both engines for 30” under load without a problem. Looks like we have a full 500-gallon capacity again.

On Thursday, we left Zahniser’s and went across the river to Calvert Marina for fuel. They had a slip available on one of the floating docks and it was almost $20.00 per day cheaper. The buck won out! We docked at Calvert's and have already used the courtesy car, (Mercedes Diesel w/205,000 miles) to shop at the local Food Lion for perishables.
We’ll be here 1 or 2 days and then we’ll head for the Sassafras River followed by the Delaware Bay, New Jersey and points beyond.
Here are a few pictures from Reedville, a charming fishing town in northern Virginia.

The founder of Reedville

The entrance to Reedville Harbor

Main Street, Reedville,VA

More of the menhaden fleet

Reedville, post card pretty!

Departing Calverts Marina

Connie stretching her legs.

Worn out and weary


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