Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paul & Cousin Nick having a reunion.....and calzones.

High speed ferry, NYC. Notice the wake?

Yesterday, (Wednesday 5/13/09) at 2 p.m. exactly 31 days after departure from Telemar Bay Marina, we arrived at Brewer’s Greenwich Bay North in Warwick, RI.

We departed the Summit North Marina on the C&D Canal on Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. and were underway from then until we anchored behind Duck Island off Westbrook, CT on Tuesday evening at 7:10 p.m. That’s just about 37 hours of nonstop run time in case you’re counting.

As we have in the past, Connie and I swapped time at the helm during the run with one of us asleep on the berth in the pilothouse, which allows for immediate access if we run into a situation with weather or another boat crossing our course. The trip was uneventful and we turned into New York Harbor at daybreak as planned, and in time to catch the all-important tidal current up the East River and into Long Island Sound. There was never any serious discussion about alternate destinations that evening. After five roundtrips, we know that fatigue sets in at about 36 hours and we are liable for making stupid decisions.

After a quick trip, (with the current!) up the East River at 11.5 kts, we battled a small but intense weather system on Long Island Sound that was producing a nasty chop and blustery winds to finally slip behind the fairly large “L” shaped breakwater off Westbrook, CT. The weather passed through exactly as Connie had felt it would and we had a peaceful night anchored. I had shaved and showered while we were underway so the only thing standing between the bed and me was food. I inhaled some hot soup with rice and promptly fell into a deep sleep…with food in my mouth. Connie of course was more civilized and watched TV for a while before going down for the night.

Wednesday, 5/13 was predicted to be a calm day in the morning but the afternoon was going to be, “unsettled”. After 31 days, we have had all the weather situations we want or need and we plan to be through the Rhode Island Sound and on Narragansett Bay before then. Nobeltec tells us that the prime departure time as far as favorable currents go was 4:30 a.m. so we are underway with the anchor aboard at the appointed hour. The visibility was excellent and we caught the current as predicted. Unfortunately-and as is common, there was an early morning fog rolling out into the Sound from the Connecticut River. Visibility was reduced to about ½ mile, but between our radar showing every blip and our hull speed of 7 kts, (slow) we were fine for the hour or so it took to pass through the fog.
On arrival at Brewer's Greenwich Bay Marina our cousin Nick was waiting on the dock to grab lines and we were secure at 2:00 p.m. Of course, Nick showed up with calzones in hand which we consumed with beer to celebrate another safe trip up the coast. He was the inspiration for The Rose, since we sailed on his boat, "Our Island" a cement hulled sailboat that he built from scratch and lived on many years ago.

Tom & Ag our parents/in-laws were watching from the shoreline as we arrived and then came aboard to greet us. After we relaxed a bit, they drove us to Greenville where we picked up our faithful RI car, (124,000 miles) for another summer’s transportation. Tom, Betty and Tom III stopped by later in the evening to welcome us home with both clam cakes and doughboys. Did you notice how all activities are involved with food and drink? It’s no wonder that Connie and I are faithful Weight Watchers members…….

This is it for the next few weeks aside from graduation and birthday parties, a Father-Daughter dance, Little League games and who knows what else to take up our time. No complaints from The Rose, we welcome the commitments and the time we spend with family and friends.

Enjoy the pictures!

The Admiral at the helm.

The view of NYC from the pilothouse

Another marine workhorse

Images like this will always be remembered!

Passing Canadian vessel that really threw up a wake!

Another shot of a workhorse.

Paul & Connie Murgo

m/v The Rose, GH37

lying Brewer's Greenwich Bay North

Warwick, RI


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