Friday, October 09, 2015

October 9,2015

We thought we were headed south this year, but it wasn't in the cards. Typically we depart Narragansett Bay immediately after Labor Day. This year we were faced with upgrades to our navigation, AIS and a last minute adjustment to our satellite TV antenna that allows us reception even when moving at anchor. Once all that was completed, (major accomplishment) we had nonstop seas and wind that were beyond our comfort and safety level. Day after day we consulted multiple web sites for a glimmer of a decent weather window that would have allowed us passage offshore and then down the AICW. Finally, after weeks passed, we decided that we would take the prudent choice and once again store The Rose in RI for the winter. All of our preparations are still in place, we just won't use them until next year. Disappointed? Sure! But I have to remember that we've made this roundtrip passage 5x so there's no room for complaints.
The big change this year was our decision to haul out and store at the Brewer East Yard. The trough is smaller than Harbor Lights but the yard is high and dry, meaning I will not trudge through standing water and ice when we check the boat during the winter. The crew at the East Yard did a great job getting her out and on stands. We had supplied them with multiple pictures of sling  and stand locations which were followed exactly. To say we were pleased is a gross understatement.
That's it for the next 6 months.....


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