Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have slowly and surely adapted to the slower pace here at our Melbourne Beach home. While most of our cruising friends have already passed through, Bill and Robin on Blue Magic have decided to spend the winter in Stuart, FL. We drove down to visit with them and enjoyed their hospitality and the surrounding area.

Neil and Sheila, (Silver Queen, N37) are headed south to winter in the Bahamas and stopped at Vero Beach. We were able to spend time with them and made a grocery run at the same time. Does that hull look familiar? The N37 is a variation of the GH37 (The Rose), and is also built by Mirage on an identical lower hull.

Connie and I have been busy with our exercise programs, she at the local gym and I have been using the bike path along the roadway. I have been in touch with the Gamma Knife Lab at RI Hospital and they are pleased with the shrinkage resulting from the last (hopefully!) procedure. 

In between Cousin Nick and Ben our dock neighbor have called with a status report after checking The Rose in her winter berth.

At the end of the week we'll fly to Marsh Harbour to spend a few days with Jim and Iris who are renting a place on Guana Cay and also in Marsh Harbour where we've rented a condo.

You can bet there will be a few pictures from that trip!

Stay warm!

Paul and Connie
ashore in Melbourne Beach, FL


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