Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ready for Another Trip South

June 30, 2015

It’s been awhile since this blog was updated. Our routine has been just that, routine. She has wintered at Harbor Lights Marina and served us well as our waterfront home, summers at Brewer Greenwich Bay North all in Warwick, RI.

She is in excellent shape, and Hap Miller our trusty mechanic has helped us to make sure that all systems are like new. We are tentatively planning to cruise south to Florida this fall with a final destination of Melbourne, FL. Our insurance broker was able to negotiate an amendment to our existing policy that allows us to cruise to Florida, providing that we stay north of the GA-FL line prior to November 1st. He earned his commission and then some. A familiar refrain is; boaters’ plans are written in Jell-O, and the water isn’t even boiling yet. After 11 years we know this is very true, but we have an eye on the horizon anyway.

Stay tuned, this promises to be an epic trip since we are planning a cruise on the St. Johns’ River in Florida. That’s been on our list from day one so we’re hoping it finally happens.

The picture is The Rose at her slip after launch this spring. Wax and bottom by Jim Gelcoat and Todd.


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