Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After an enjoyable winter in Melbourne Beach, FL we moved The Rose from her winter berth at Wharf Marina to Greenwich Bay North in Warwick, RI. Drew is our mechanic and he had her ready to go, (as promised) on April 1. Drew and I took her over and Connie drove to Greenwich Bay where she handled our arrival and dock lines. I think this was one of the few times I've had the helm without her navigating. We spent the next few days getting organized and moving in. We are planning to sell our house here in RI, so that process is looming LARGE on the horizon. We know that there is never enough time to empty a house AND get it ready to sell, despite our best attempts.

It is still cool here in RI and we are grateful that we've scheduled a few more weeks in Florida. Spring is an enjoyable time of year whether you're in Florida or RI and this year is no exception.

While in Florida we were able to have the house updates tended to,hardwood floors refinished, the kitchen redone, the exterior painted and the landscaping renewed. The realtor is impressed and the listing agreement is signed.

Let the fun begin!

Three, (3) days later we have an offer from a qualified buyer. Seller's remorse? Sure, what else after 27 years. That is followed by a yard sale where we received much needed coaching from a relative and managed to sell things we didn't need any longer.

Once we return to RI it is time to get serious with the house.

Now we have to empty it. We arrange for storage at a facility close to the marina and begin what seems to be a million trips for all those keepsakes.

Finally the house is empty and we leave for the last time. As you can imagine it was a little more difficult than either of us anticipated.

Our friend and trusted Attorney Al Antonio handled the closing for us and it went smoothly.

In between we attended graduation ceremonies for our nephew Tom, a 10th birthday for grandson Joshua, college graduation for our daughter-in-law Lilliane and managed to have Father's Day.

Our son Tom and daughter Evelyn came out for a cruise, (her 1st!) and a dip in the pool.

The Rose is running fine and we are enjoying the season.

Paul and Connie Murgo
m/v The Rose, GH37
Brewer Greenwich Bay North
Warwick, RI 02889

      The "Mayor" of Dock 13 after doing    
                    shots on The Rose!

           Granddaughter Evelyn at the helm


            Enjoying neighbors on Dock 13

We had dinner on The Rose with our neighbors.
                    Sharing sea stories